Sip of Life

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Placing the crystal glasses for soul mates today,

I took out the wine feremnted in my yesterday,

To me,

It smells, oh so familiar,

Nostalgia in every sip,

Too strong for them, I presume,

I fermented raw passion of youth,

This wine was mixed with arrogance of invincibility,


So, I opened new bottle from present,

Discard the past!

Aloud, I hear myself say,

Only cherished memory and lessons stays,

Oh yes!

Subtle, much tasteful,

Now, my wine,

The stench of misgivings lost,

Some pride lost,

Careless assumptions strayed,

Abruptions, eruptions of hurt fizzed away,

It’s scented with an aura of openness,

A growing love of learning,

The fragrance pulls the senses,

This one fermented with much thought, much care:


Glad my heart, as they sipped,

Relishing my life,

My use is my utter delight,

My past, My present,

In sips came alive,


Next is our turn,

At our gracious guest’s table,

Would I relish or be discomforted?

When presented with their past or present,

I wonder;

But more so, I  hope,

They bottled them separately,

Sips of  their present and their past,

Eagerly, I sip,

as resplendence of  life awaits…….


-Rupika Moitra


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