Her days are bright

Alone is solace of soul and not lonely,

Her days are bright;

Apart means her rays are clearer

Unblurred and immiscible in other’s shade,

Her contours simultaneously expanding and defined,

Her madness is fervour passion of depths inside,

She walks inside towards surfaces deeper than many mines,

She soars in imaginations to skies higher than blades of planes,

She doesn’t reside where cliche’ does,

She dwells in hearts of rebels,

They know the world is not what it could it,

Empathy is not abundant here on plains,

She chooses the skies,

Let her stay where love is the currency,

Focus and hard work pays,

Kindness is virtue of leaders,

Beauty is only the quality of your soul,

Beauty evolves and resonates,

It’s not mean and it doesn’t crave praise,

A place where vulnerability are openly shown,

They are guides of authentic self, after all,

Abode where perspectives are achieved in many folds,

There refer to many schools of thought,

Let her stay in that place in her mind


Let her be alone and carve the way,

For she can’t stray,

From what she believes, she knows

Alone, maybe at each step,

But, towards the light,

Not cramped inside trivial boxes of little minds,

When you see her down the road,

She can still smile,

Her days are still bright…..

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