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DSC_0321 (2)I am a mother, counselor, poetry enthusiast, chai connoisseur and inspired by self love. I am a lover- lover of minds like Hafez and Tagore. There’s an opening inside for ever-expanding, deep, simple, mysterious and curious mind. I live deeply in my dreams, imaginations with my sense of wonder, love and pain.

My pay, reward and mantra- I get paid to be me.

Fascinated by our everyday learnings, let downs and triumphs, I write to make meaning of life. To dwell deep, find deeper meaning and gravity in living. This journey is to find the path of purpose and walk on it opposed to the easy roads available.  Words add meaning to experiences.Words add expansion. Words manifest as fulfilment.

So I have told you in many ways that: ‘Play of words is my favourite kind of play.’ Its a trance, a dance of life- when I write.

Hope you enjoy my various flutters and glides that transects and my own flutter and glide and they reflect as part of your own.

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