Sip of Life

  Placing the crystal glasses for soul mates today, I took out the wine fermented in my yesterday, To me, It smells, oh so familiar, Nostalgia in every sip, Too strong for them, I presume, I fermented raw passion of youth, This wine was mixed with arrogance of invincibility,   So, I opened new bottle... Continue Reading →

Flowerbeds along the way

  This Era, Or That, Life transpires in thread of breaths, Moments walked, They never aim for shores, Eachtime, The destined seeked a cherished garden, They missed countless flowerbeds, Along the way....     -Rupika Moitra ........................................   इस दौर, उस दौर, ज़िन्दगी की डोर, पल गुज़रा, पंहुचा कहीं और हम मंज़िलोह पर ढूंढ रहे... Continue Reading →


    काश, इत्तेफ़ाक़ फिर दस्तक दे, पहले के मंज़र की आहत हो, ख्वाबोह के मुकल्लम होने पर, ख्वाबोह में ही रहने की सज़ा मुकर्रर हो           Chance knocks again,  A moment cherised whipers again, Send me an invitation, which moment would be chosen now, The one where the dream realised,... Continue Reading →

Prayer for the Inner Temple

    Let the thoughts drip away, like sweat, For the force they exert, Let the wisdom seep inside, Subtle in their delight Absorbed in this parched being, Are lessons lived. Wounds disguised, Becoming every ounce, Drenching every inch, This whole is of sweat and turmoil, But also; of untold glory and delight....   -Rupika... Continue Reading →


The fight between the self ( ego and the one that surrenders) is bigger than any war going outside. Every outside enemy/ war that propels one to choose side and fight is but a distraction not to fight the 'egoic self' "And if I take your enemy away Who are you then? " Transcendence happens... Continue Reading →

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