Broad strokes

The inner critic is a reflection of the consciousness around you . What did it tell you about you? I want to tell you -seek self again without those influences and find the broader experience of self. That’s what most will know you for.

Wide and Warm

The universe, nature, elders, nurturers are blankets that cosmos connects us with, on our journey to self-realization. Letting them know "I am grateful"


They whisper, They smile, They sing silently like a soothing lulaby, Some days, they torment like a nagging child, I wake with them, I sleep saying some, Then, In dreams they come, Like writing in the sky, I read them above the sea, I read them in clouds passing by,   I look for them... Continue Reading →

I burned the bridge

  I burned the bridge, For it led to the known station, It leads me to containment, It reassures and but it doesn't satiates, I still wanna walk a mile astray,   I burned the bridge, It keeps me quiet, It pacifies well. The revolution inside,   I burned the bridge, It's too comfortable, obstructing... Continue Reading →


This transformation is picking every shrouds of sensitivity out of bones. Ruthless and rude Is it me, There's no moment to ask, where's the celebration for it, There's no moment for it, Is there no right to ask, The transformation is the price, There's a price to pay There are gifts but gifts without whistles... Continue Reading →


" Humans alike bird recognize the virtue of experiences Landscapes, smell of air, smiles,eye contact, styles of niche creation, the color of aspirations as versatile as the colour of doors- synchronised or mismatched. Its the seeking to love but first to understand. Sure, it started somewhere with quest of power (Alexander) or SpiceTraders.  Man is... Continue Reading →

For If

Transcendence is curated in solace yet it is relational. "all within me" "Immanence is cultivated in closeness of relationship; with the aspects of relationship which produces unity or a point of identity." "How will I reach?" For if, there was no one to see, Would you still dress? For if, your scent or stench couldn't... Continue Reading →

Perched Soul

  "What if the soul could detached and refuse to connect to a ruminating self. Then, would we stop self-loath. Is there still too much noise deflecting intrinsic wisdom? Is it the mere fault of focus that is stuck on deliverance and ignore soul's guidance?"   This morning, The soul left self, It felt contained,... Continue Reading →

Ticket to Freedom

  Confidence, Self-Belief, are just sounds echoed till we actively seek, To project and believe, A daily task to open shackles of doubt, To unleash potential and let it sprout, Each day, I walk towards it, Then I take a few steps back, To cross this channel, To dive a little deeper Almost there, Almost... Continue Reading →

Long road to Bliss

Two parallel roads of life; A road of shortcuts, Curtailing every hurdle, negating all that's diffcult, Road of quick gratifications, Quickly satiating yet quickly forgotten, Reaching the shores, Something seems-  left 'Unexplored' The long road is full of rubble, wait and struggle, Yet, it promises, dreaminess of dreams untold, Walking at it, I surrender to... Continue Reading →

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