I am working on poem on a lover. A lover like no other and I can’t find the words for the tiniest, faintest sensations I feel. So wait for me, my alibi… wait for me to find the language to describe how it moves in my soul. Coz my joy wants to overflow The universe... Continue Reading →

How Tall am I, Now

This is for all those who break easily- with words, with behaviour, with the gentle insensitivities because we feel so much. After the wave of feeling sorry for yourself passes, comes a pause of realisation. Don’t rush it and don’t heal it. Just sit it and you will be able to measure- How tall you... Continue Reading →

Too soon

I pushed too soon I learned from June burned quickly My scent mangled with my burns Pace again Magnetism in my prayers Too soon is not for those who Bathe in sun But marry the moon - Rupika Moitra

Feel and Heal for the world

I come here to say my truth- INFJ truths, Truth of sensitivity of poetic mind Truth from a healer’s soul I hurt easy I have absorbed vicariously through many power struggles I absorb the pain of the world so easily I try to absolve it through my work I ask myself often What am I mirroring?

Element- Fire

Nurture the fire inside to be essentially warmth It knows many forms It transmute to determination It sets itself on Decision And actions to clear howling ‘out of its way’ It start relentless momentum Let your fire not touch the threshold of ‘at any cost’ It can destroy all in its way If you do... Continue Reading →

Warmth of Enough

The dance of light and fire in me I flew to many aspirations Perhaps, the aspirer compensates for the lack of heart’s warmth Inner fire wanted to be lit with knowing I am loved - a lot I can love - a lot My fire could lit a thousand abodes All those without warmth Many... Continue Reading →

Future of Luxurious Giving

Long winding poem from the heart about the passé of life, passé of age- reconfiguring the journey. Sharing my secret : luxuriously giving and luxuriously breathing in the flow

Tantrum of inner child

The inner child creates a lot of fuss and tantrums. So often it throws away peace for attention. As a nurturing parent, I cajole, call out and tell her stories of being loved

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