A beautiful cage: mind The whole world sucked in small nests, A great rewind, much needed reset, Lot of time to reflect, No where to go to and deflect, In dreams and hope, The gilded cage will open, The key stays still locked inside, What we had to learn, What still we cannot find, lean... Continue Reading →

The real struggle

Burn up The real fight is within When the mind wants to expand The soul wants to ascend The body wants it comfort The heart craves promise of love None wants to give in Those we judge give up Those we judge, Burn inside They can start a furnace, Or They can cook a Meal... Continue Reading →

Legacy of Sun

If I could choose from the legacy of stars afar Who would I choose but, THE SUN, For it’s purpose ethics are impeccable, Illuminates everything it touches, Dressed in its resplendent self- worth, Disciplined for it’s cause, Nourishing life and aspirations, just because, Wants all to grow and glow, If you grew greedy, you would... Continue Reading →


South of forgiveness: What a beautiful book. It inspired me to write of some things I know and some I learnt and some things I am still learning

Self esteem like house of cards

Your self esteem is like house of cards, sensitive people They will stand on the corner And amuse themselves As you built it up They will let you play with it, a little And a add a layer Or two Are you feeling pretty steady now? Getting good at building yourself...huh! Ok now then, this... Continue Reading →


On a particular kind of night, Waves crashed across the periphery of mind Like someone is holding a whisky glass And cascading the drink from left to right Making sure each corner of the glass feels the sensations- the burn and the mingle with the glass Before it reaches the tongue and evaporates objectivity Splashing... Continue Reading →


There’s a duty to ourself- to be who we were born to be. There’s a master sitting- who know you are source in specks Be- knowing that Fulfill thyself not from space of strive but from a space of higher self


This world of colliding ego- who will be what without a mother’s nourishment. Who is not still chasing for a safe haven of mother’s unconditional love in the universe

Kaleidoscope wala

Who reads poetry? Who is the poet but a brave kalideoscopewala seeing things in different swirls. Bringing forth the visions to her readers in amalgam of herself, her work and universe.

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