Stop the external games with self awhile. Check if you know the address of the higher self. The one that never abandons. Give her all the strength, all the love, all the power and never let go of ‘I’ Give her the valuable position of “I”


Context: Its been years of trying to keep orchids alive. Every season, we try and we decide no more after it dies. Then again charmed, we try. I just repotted my Cymbidium Orchid with prayers that it will soldier through and forgo past amateurism of feeds and watering routines. In life, what all we take... Continue Reading →

Day of Nurturer

Reflections: So much power have been taken away from the nurturer and given away to the provider and protector. The troubles of psyche suffered are connected to the troubles that nurturers endure and pass on. The new world that is conceived may recognise the promise of the womb and allow the surrender to that love.... Continue Reading →

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