Wrapped by the universe

Call out and see In the moment that caves you When scratches wound you, And you enter the deep sea of unloved bit, Where skills, intent and love are not equally divided Where fight and flight is always invited I am sinking fast and deep All is spinning Sweeping the peace I asked me, I... Continue Reading →

Miss the memo

The only Memo of life : Self love As life unfolds and reveals itself, And wards enough gaps to unwind, As the story begin to play in rewind, I stare back at those versions of me and times, I only gather that I missed many memos, Sometime it felt like a course, what’s hip, what’s... Continue Reading →

Prepare the site

You prepare a pitch in your life, A piece of land where you garden, you play, you dance and you fight, You dug inside Earth, And find fears and treasures hidden inside Your energy dances and swirl And create spirals of reflective livht Light to honour self The opening to meet divine, Let’s prepare the... Continue Reading →

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