Arithmetic of Love

The container Organisation of Conscious knowing of love Creator of kindness Manifestor of compassion, Liaised with powers of healing Such is the arithmetic of living love The only kind capable of its highest formulation that which can forgo itself in its quest Humanity... - Rupika Moitra

Questions for 2020

Whirlwind of questions shifts the contents of mind and leaves me to pick the pieces and rearrange and clear the ones that don’t serve anymore Why do we feel low after a nap in the afternoon? Has anyone else experienced that? What has lunar got to do with lunatics? Why are our emotions going through... Continue Reading →

Prayers for Decade2020

TRUTHOFExperience is the TruthofExistence 38 years on Earth have taught great lessons and brought unimaginable gifts. For the next 10, we are naturally inclined to pray, set intentions, reflect at the profound truths that have revealed themselves and thank the many mysterious doors of wisdom. One of the most profound one is that we are... Continue Reading →

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