Words are not just for claps and praise, They are scribed in mist of air, In the dust, In the waves, They trickle down, they drizzle Lucky me, I pick some They are to brings hope They are to ask you to hold on longer, They are to affirm "You are loved" Words have wings,... Continue Reading →

The Politics of Divide

In efforts to understanding humanity, I found myself. One of my favourite subconscious work is reading the writing in the wall ( with invisible ink) and ask "Why is it this way?" I think every human attaches meaning to the well-being of his kind, of his or her kin and then extend it out to... Continue Reading →


A promise to self, To trace the real, Scanning each shelf of collected intelligence, Unpacking early leant approach, Dissolving all notion of right and wrong, A give to self Of an unadulterated self, The ages old self, The loving self that wants to live without expectation A promise to self To let it out somedays... Continue Reading →


At some point in life, All should get old, The knowledge about self, The facts about earth, The updates of trends, The devastation of world news, The focus on mental health, The parenting tips You realise this has happened before, this space within me, was filled before It's also has been emptied before and poured... Continue Reading →

Swoon with the moon

The lit pink sky, Trees and their dappled shadowed lines, A welcoming song, A dance started by breeze, I have to dance or I might freeze, The moon is coming, A swoon is coming, The earth is putting on its dancing shoes, I watched from the sidelines, My heart picks up the tunes I tap... Continue Reading →


Reflections ::: As a part of a race loaded with knowledge, comfort, constantly growing list of objects of desire to acquire and exposure : I question what further development for human race looks like socially. After moving from the ages of industrial revolution, what stabilised was population mainly but steady societies constantly need doer, forward... Continue Reading →

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