My maker is unique; Much like me, Can’t see him through plain sight Just like I can’t see the swell in my heart As I count his blessings Just like the lump in my throat, As I speak of my sacred love, Just like the flow of tears, As I cross my limitations To hold... Continue Reading →


A beautiful cage: mind The whole world sucked in small nests, A great rewind, much needed reset, Lot of time to reflect, No where to go to and deflect, In dreams and hope, The gilded cage will open, The key stays still locked inside, What we had to learn, What still we cannot find, lean... Continue Reading →

Real struggle

Burn up The real fight is within When the mind wants to expand The soul wants to ascend The body wants it comfort The heart craves promise of love None wants to give in Those we judge give up Those we judge, Burn inside They can start a furnace, Or They can cook a Meal... Continue Reading →

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