Stretched this cup, Wiser the holder, Lesser the rub, Bring out the cup, Pour in it, Pour from it, When no one is watching, Lift it up at the sky, Let it collect droplets of hopes, When it will pour, Ready the cup, Empty it of past, Open up And let it rain - Rupika... Continue Reading →

Cave of psyche

Cave of psyche From the cave, Came up Untimely irrational pain, There’s a party tonight, Now, just now, It demands my attention, It pinch and jabbed, It sat me down, I can’t look the other way, It starts to frown then growl, Then roar, then pound It needs a promise, It needs a day, When... Continue Reading →

Arching vines

Just like vines, I know the path of nourishment and nurturing You can’t deny me It’s etched deep inside I know where to look for light - Rupika Moitra.


Glue” - A poem about our collective consciousness, our deep yearning to help others, our need to connect, be useful, be part of something beyond us to go beyond, to bind. I voiced that deep yearning by reciting it. May you take that flight.

Latent Goddess

Poet RupikaMoitra with her first poetry book: Flutterandglide. Flutter and Glide is a world of her creation filled with powerful reflective pauses, self awareness, transformations, pain that pulls, being hope, voice, embracing the shadows and experience of love that allows for abundant compassion and grace.

The path continues

Path continues My meshing for my mind to navigate back to path The path continues from Flutter and Glide- a collection of my favourite poems


Reason with the unhealed bits: they are fading, gently let them be Start Here Stay here Take yourself to your presence Remind self of forgiveness self It takes long But this journey is a commitment lifelong

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