- to comply to the norm. A line from many movies that is stuck to the brain- new brides being told often that men have needs and they need to be met, so they don't try and meet them outside the boundaries of relationship. So what are deepest instinctual needs and calling of a woman?... Continue Reading →

It’s all Proportional

Life is not an absolute. Parts of it are perfect and some part are not so perfect. Embracing the imperfect bits gets harder when we are conditioned to flaunt only the bits that are picture perfect. Here is my effort to keep it chaotic and real. Two corresponding incidents of life: Driving out of my... Continue Reading →


The seed of self keeps losing itself, The plant keeps finding itself afixed at a crossroads, The seed was thirsty, after being planted in the garden. It was watered with care for the first week, maybe two, Then expected to flower which it couldn't bear. The plant grew up always looking for those that could... Continue Reading →

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