Depressed Actor

He plays this role quite often, ‘I am deprived’ thus ‘I am depressed’ Looking feverish, Burning inside, As though, his rage changed its course and Started targeting self, passions chased desires, Never returned with his price, Consuming life source, Tired from resent, repent and represses, There was no one Who didn’t know the address of... Continue Reading →

Pandemic of perfection

I am still not released from the deal with perfection. It stops the flow, I want to let go. I keep asking when is it enough? So I look up and the 🌈 hangs low and gently tells a tale.

Canopy of Stars

What if the universe was waiting on you to show it a sign- “that you are ready” Ready to free fall, ready to trust your destiny and your instincts Ready for the realisation that you are made of magic

Copyright and Credit

Reading mirror of consciousness next. Look up flutter and Glide on Instagram Blessed people, you all are equipped with skills within to bring your own truth. It is the most important truth of life. All my material is copyrighted and for our collective experience and you can add to the completion. There’s no one who... Continue Reading →

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