Reverence and Toil

Man toiled for a world of bricks, stones and steel and is still toiling for the latest versions of gadgets. Man thumbs up technological advances of electromagnetic waves. He fills himself up with caffeine, smoke and fermented grapes or wheat. But, he actually sold to his peers what he loaned from nature and became self-... Continue Reading →


Lightning screams aloud in pride, Calling with shudders from sapphire sky, Loud awakening for walking dead and alive, To drench in rain of craft of life, To prepare for sunshine, To embrace blessings and learning alike, To breath through chilled night with warmth of compassion, To wake in bloom of hearts open for companions, To... Continue Reading →


The shadow of collosal form, It hides in me, Me- torn in between, To love with all of me, Or, Keep this primordial being to me, Esteemed, I feel in its presence, In love, can I sustain the absence? In mutuality, do I bury it under paved brick wall of laughter, Do I stand with... Continue Reading →

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