For If

Transcendence is curated in solace yet it is relational. "all within me" "Immanence is cultivated in closeness of relationship; with the aspects of relationship which produces unity or a point of identity." "How will I reach?" For if, there was no one to see, Would you still dress? For if, your scent or stench couldn't... Continue Reading →

Perched Soul

  "What if the soul could detached and refuse to connect to a ruminating self. Then, would we stop self-loath. Is there still too much noise deflecting intrinsic wisdom? Is it the mere fault of focus that is stuck on deliverance and ignore soul's guidance?"   This morning, The soul left self, It felt contained,... Continue Reading →

Ticket to Freedom

  Confidence, Self-Belief, are just sounds echoed till we actively seek, To project and believe, A daily task to open shackles of doubt, To unleash potential and let it sprout, Each day, I walk towards it, Then I take a few steps back, To cross this channel, To dive a little deeper Almost there, Almost... Continue Reading →

Circle of injustice and Anger

Five years ago, I watched in disgust and pain, an incident all over media about the rape of this young woman by a group of men. She fought till her last breath. The incident was grave enough to send shivers through the distant of hearts. It outraged the world, it outraged the men and women... Continue Reading →

Finding self through boundaries

The week after Easter...Did anyone see the moon on saturday? I wonder about the sense of wonder that enhances after 30's and takes your breath away as though you are a reborn child. The break gave me moments to reflect about my struggles with boundaries of self and others. I endeavour to build some, around... Continue Reading →

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