Construct of a Man

Consciousness of the world is constantly evolving. Men are not just symbol of strength and valour, but also fathers, poets, gardeners and creator of aesthetically beautiful aspects of life. While feminist energy is a source in synced with universal creation, the masculine forces still harness power- a lot still protect, gather or sometimes even primitively... Continue Reading →

Favourite words of blogger

As blogger, poet or writer, we all must have number of words that we are absolutely in love with. I would love to know what your's are. A conversation more intimate than I sometimes get to have with close friends coz well, life gets in the way. You might like the ring to the word... Continue Reading →

Seeking Self

Human perception about self and others is just that, Perceptions. It doesn't come from the bedrock of truth rather just the mere placement in a particular combination of place and time. Similar set of circumstances can look a lot different, with different set of eyes. Shamans and counsellor seek within you those eyes, that can... Continue Reading →

In you, I believe

A fulfilling life path- What is it made of? I have realised it doesn't stems from life of penance and pain. Leaving the penance for those who have mastered love, I seek self-love. Pain will be unavoidable, I should thank it for the strength and love anyway. An accomplished life doesn't breed in a land... Continue Reading →

Mauve Haze

In purple hues of the dawn sky, She stands by the sea-shore, In Mauve haze, her clear eyes, Wind caressed and cut the same soft skin, Soothing calm, Ripples and waves, Like a rhythm inside, The grain of sand, like her life, Bit inexperienced, bit-tried, Oh! this haze; She wants to see through it, Beauty-filled,... Continue Reading →

Poured Love

I poured love, In my writes, Words felt, compressed, Wounds presented as prose, Poems soaked in experiences, Fresh dews, pages yellowed and old, Sorrows and soars Some drawn, some drown, Few Align again, Parched many, seek the seeking, A dip inside soul .Rupika Moitra

Diary of Soul

I never tore a page, It wasn't easy, I simply read and rephrased, My Past, I found nuances in every crossed word, Every Scar, Closed eye, I dive within, Dots of angels. dancing in delight; Inspiration was lurking at the back door, Why didn't I check before, But there's never been a better time, When... Continue Reading →

Surreal Moon

In the wilderness of my mind, I always move, I always seek, I always want, I always behold, Some thoughts, Some dreams, Some visions, some goals, To feel the essence, the glory of moon, The moon, that's ever-changing, ever-reflecting the knowledge that's my own, The more I wander, The more I grasp, The more I... Continue Reading →

Tagore wrote of Persia

Photo credit: Getty images 1932, When one poet sat at the tomb of another and read his poetry and felt the depth connection in poetry. wanting to drink from 'the wine cup', that Hafez always mentioned.     So I used to dream of a Persia where bulbuls made love to the roses, where in... Continue Reading →

The story of Meera

Love season is upon us. Scrolling through innumerable posts with pictures of loving handholding, messages of sweet endearments, encouragement for partners and all the celebration makes me reflect that we have found the medium to externalise but intrinsically, what is love made of? In quick second test, I thought of the story of Meerabai as... Continue Reading →

Conundrum of love

It has changed, this conundrum, It was coloured in rose and rays, Wrapped in glory, Aimed for grandeur, Smitten, pulsating Deep, intense Fast and impulsive, Engulfing incompletion, It paints with colours of dreams, Rainbows, sunset at beach, It was shared amongst all, Joys spread across; smile, Its always tested at times, Promising contentment, Then the... Continue Reading →

As I embrace

I am pricked by their sounds, There is a deep low, Hurling in between heart and gut, It grows with ruminative thought, But I think till my wits end, And then, I call it’s name, I call it Pain, And as I call it, Aloud; It replies It grows deep and spreads And I just... Continue Reading →

Ripples in a lake

I raise the idle hand, itching to make ripples in the lake, It pulls me, my hand, for forgotten games, It unconciously flows, Face-forward, it flows, Bend, open-fingers like a bowl, it tries to hold, Knowing that it wouldn't hold, it flows, Sending ripples of  a message to absorb me in, it flows; Assuming a... Continue Reading →

Flower never weeps

Petals of desires, Cherished attire, Swaying in the breeze, Waving to the trees, Adorning every scene, grand or skim, Life, death, love, hearts at brim, Present with fragrance and serenity In its presence, hearts never dim Greeting the day with blooming charm, Waiting with wide open arms, Golden gleam of love showered Soaked in golden... Continue Reading →

How the story goes

Both are chasing ambition...a blurry plan. Both are eager to taste freedom brought on by youth. Fate has them chasing their dreams on the same boat. The dream tweaks from personal purpose to finding love of self through him. Strange, she recognised not him but something between them..something old, something that have stand tests of... Continue Reading →

On a gleaming night like tonight

On a gleaming night like tonite, Poets can't sleep, Lovers crave to meet, On a night like tonite, Fairies visit children's dream, They smile as they feast on cookies and cream, A night like tonite, Hopes rises from fire- built chimneys or frosted window rims, With warmth, they linger on aura's seam, It sits beside... Continue Reading →

Flutter and Glide

I charge the muscles, I flap my wings, I soak my lips with assurance of plentiness, I tickle the quest to satiate purpose: This flight.... Yes, This flight will land me! where destinies reside, I need to ask, when, when, when Is that day? The day of my grandest flight; THE DAY OF MY GLIDE... Continue Reading →

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