It’s all Proportional

Life is not an absolute. Parts of it are perfect and some part are not so perfect. Embracing the imperfect bits gets harder when we are conditioned to flaunt only the bits that are picture perfect. Here is my effort to keep it chaotic and real. Two corresponding incidents of life: Driving out of my... Continue Reading →

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Long road to Bliss

Two parallel roads of life; A road of shortcuts, Curtailing every hurdle, negating all that's diffcult, Road of quick gratifications, Quickly satiating yet quickly forgotten, Reaching the shores, Something seems-  left 'Unexplored' The long road is full of rubble, wait and struggle, Yet, it promises, dreaminess of dreams untold, Walking at it, I surrender to... Continue Reading →

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Mirror of consciousness

Shine yours Opaque surface, Sheaths of protective survival layers, Then one day, A vision Of self and nature untwined, Translucent surface, A sheet faded, A paradigm, defying clear thinking, stands in front Chaste and clear, But comfort adheres, Changes are slow, The pace is yours, You see your world; Open: And then, you let it... Continue Reading →

Is karma logical?

As we produce, this masses of pain within ourselves. God forbid, it was us or a kin... would be able to be so just or chose peace. What would we want? Loathe them with might, Burn them at stakes? Execute them with extreme torture? Can’t help thinking, why don’t they have anything to lose? What... Continue Reading →

Wind chime

It transports me through soulful tunes to doorstep of a Buddhist shrine, It breathes in the breeze and breathes out, in calming rhythmic vibes, Amidst, so many chores, why do you call?, I ask, It smiles and gently brings me back, To deeply breath life, As though saying, ‘Embrace silence, leave the noise behind’ A... Continue Reading →

#GetWellSoon Movement

Intentional Wishes have power to heal. It all starts from healing your emotional pain, giving strength to the receiver to action towards recovery. When you have emotional grit, you have reserve essential to get through physical pain. We reserve our wishes for physical pain, mostly: gross pain that can be seen. What about our subtle... Continue Reading →

Companions of truth “2”

Give me something, I can hold close, Grace me with the intent of your truth, Or, let this mind imagine capture moments of bared souls, Let me believe in heart's hearsay, Let's leave correctness for another day, And each be in our own flights, Seeking out truths, Truth in handholds, Companions new or Is it... Continue Reading →

Companions of truth

#inbetweentheline Let it stay an imagined memoir, Pictures on the wall, That looks into eyes, deep, sinks in the heart, It's a fable, I like to believe, my companions of creeks, It's a unrequited love story, That brimmed underneath, It's all imagined and weaves, It's an imperfect mirage, Every handshake that didn't feed the warmth... Continue Reading →

Vessel, to the Ocean

O' Ocean, As I experience you within, Fill me with your enormity, So I can protect my integrity, Fill me with your love. So it pours, flows, heals and rubs, Those wounds, those stubs, Fill me with your calm, So I can patiently wait to life works charm, Fill me with your ethics and perseverance... Continue Reading →

Day of Birth

#Birthday It's been a while on Earth. Realisations have dawned and poured, So, What is a birthday? Logically and rationally: Earth has completed a full round around Sun and now it's will do it again. Within that frame of moments: Many physiological changes mainly moving towards decay. Making physiology worthy of holding onto and hurraying... Continue Reading →


If power is bestowed upon, Will it ascend, flow to all, Or Will we crouch? And hold onto lion's share, Will it aggravate afflictions? Suffer, we all Suffer alike Wait till I am ready, To be conscious Let me not suffer my unconscious Let me not part from where the Others resides in me, Let... Continue Reading →

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