It’s all Proportional

Life is not an absolute. Parts of it are perfect and some part are not so perfect. Embracing the imperfect bits gets harder when we are conditioned to flaunt only the bits that are picture perfect. Here is my effort to keep it chaotic and real. Two corresponding incidents of life: Driving out of my... Continue Reading →

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Long road to Bliss

Two parallel roads of life; A road of shortcuts, Curtailing every hurdle, negating all that's diffcult, Road of quick gratifications, Quickly satiating yet quickly forgotten, Reaching the shores, Something seems-  left 'Unexplored' The long road is full of rubble, wait and struggle, Yet, it promises, dreaminess of dreams untold, Walking at it, I surrender to... Continue Reading →

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No obligations to care

It’s a story of a soul. This soul didn’t know it’s goal, It was searching within a hole Hole of gives and takes Hole of profit and loss Counts, countdowns, races Yet somewhere buried within This soul- a buzzard concepts of whole, Had seen care where it was free, Pure and priceless, Stupid, she was... Continue Reading →


The vessel isn’t all that wise or old But rivers have moved through it Many times, Many nodes Is it then the experience of the vessel Or Is it the to the credit of the source? -Rupika Moitra

Self love

The thorn and the bloom- they stick together. But the eye choses its look To know self- love, we start with trying to know what is self made of. Uniquely, the quantities differ but our light parts and shadow bits come together to make the self The process of understanding self begins with understanding our... Continue Reading →

Miss the memo

The only Memo of life : Self love As life unfolds and reveals itself, And wards enough gaps to unwind, As the story begin to play in rewind, I stare back at those versions of me and times, I only gather that I missed many memos, Sometime it felt like a course, what’s hip, what’s... Continue Reading →

Prepare the site

You prepare a pitch in your life, A piece of land where you garden, you play, you dance and you fight, You dug inside Earth, And find fears and treasures hidden inside Your energy dances and swirl And create spirals of reflective livht Light to honour self The opening to meet divine, Let’s prepare the... Continue Reading →

Should I say

where am I, not? If I care to share Will I find the release? If I am trapped behind the words Could you decode this maze? Your gaze and words speaks of Your being lost ... Your presence is mere shadow of you I cannot hold you close You slip away And I can’t release... Continue Reading →


The focused ropewalk Between ambitious vows to self, The suffering of letting go The fervour of growth & The inability to stay awhile To hum, To lazily smile Between Growth and degeneration We meet at those point Me and consciousness Allow me in It says The rush can wait Meet you there Where times can... Continue Reading →


Sit with pain. Sit with darkness. Appreciate love Counsellor says; You are a gift, dear pain; You push and pull and tug deep, You torment and agitate till We walk our talk We be where we are meant to be You catch us unaware, Sometimes, you fill the spaces we reserved for love And you... Continue Reading →


Move this bane Sway that pain Shift that shame Shake the mane Energies trapped Released in scraps Some moments that fan The fire, the dam What are you afraid of Be still when it tingles Be still as it moves You Hold inside Sacred and Divine - Rupika Moitra

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