Tapestry of love


multi colored laces
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This tapestry of love is mystical,

Sews of sensitivity shines out in yellows,

Butterflies in plum thread are the moments of passion,

Reds are burnt from flames of separation,

Somber blues- the palpable pain, the heart endured,

But, right next are orange flowers sewn,

Gift of creativity that the caves of separation,

Pink waves for countless imagery the mind travelled in,

Green grounds of circles of sharing nothing but silences,

Envelopes the entire mesh

The hollow bits- unsewn,

For the journey still unfolds,

And love takes, still many shapes,

Pass many waves,

Some days – pours,

Some days craves,

I see a lot of yellow and green in my mesh,

Too easily mixed,

And the hollow spaces,

They crave a name,

Translucent, I call them,

They take the colour of the eyes,

When they lit up the sky,

As you walked in again;

Like it was the first time….

Inner God

woman wearing white dress standing outdoor
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Inner god shows up some days

love thy neighbour, it says;

Focus on the unloved,

The unaccepted,

The frail ones,

The unaccustomed ones,

Inner god grew as we listen

We gave it power and now feel it’s joy

There’s strong sense of duty,

But it’s not burdensome,

it is you- complete in joy and ready,

Ready to share gifts of luck and strength,


your legacy of kindness

O’ Broken one,

You can Bless and love

Coz you live today

Believe it,

nourish it,

Listen to it,

when it says

It was great luck,

I wasn’t distracted when inner god spoke

Only whispers,

Like smoke of scented candles, it rose;

close up of a defocused
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And filled the void with warmth and cozy dose,

Are you listening to yours?

Inner god will speak today, again

Will we listen??

Will we be present?

Will we act?


Will it linger?

Will it grow steady and strong?


Will it pass away? 

You decide….



—Rupika Moitra

Subtle gives of love

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Eleven years of relationship has washed away every marketed assumption of love. Every gross emotion had nothing to do with love. Passion and promise played their parts, yet it never filled the uneneding tunnel of wants. At the end of it, I was still standing alone. I wasn’t letting in

Scared, I wasn’t free, still.

As a counsellor, I understand how ego slightly creeps into it and asks ‘What about me?’ It’s all about me!! I have indulged, I found myself in highlight but i didnt find meaning in me. Here’s what I  have learnt up until now amongst all illusions ………….


The presence of warmth of early morning sun,

When it flows, it clears muck

Spaces some, reserved for fun,

The inner child smiles and run,

It wrenches and digs,

Twitches the gut in knots,

Pain broils in there,

Ready to erupt,

It sits to close in depth,

It brings it out with  a tug,

We push it away with all might,

It pulls back still covered in grime,

Still gentle, milder and wiser,

It’s the listener,

It plays with your perceived imperfection,

Experiences unique distinct- ion,

It sings,

I have heard it before,

The tunes of the UNI- Verse,

It spreads around in forms of kindness,


No pursuits of obtaining,

Fills the self like loving,

Only loving self, loves;

Will you give it to self ?

A chance to love- Self?

Love an other,

Imagine them with darts at your pressure points of pain,

Be terriefied,

Do it anyway,

Through it all,

Hope they aim for self……



Wash me away

photo of person walking on deserted island
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May tides wash away mortal-ness,

Each expectation, every ounce of greivance sweeped,

Amazement of unbound aliveness underneath,

May lessons of love be etched in heart so deep,

May knowledge be inked in minds concrete,

May the salts of sea rub away all ignorance,

May it tinge the skin, it reeks,

Purify every judgement, all misdeed,


May solace of poetic justice resides,

May the phoenix arise,

To earn the breath of eternity,

To fill winds with peaceful certainty,


Submerge me, dissolve me, surround me,

So I live to see,

songs on lips, paints on hands, Rhytmin minds,

Metal carved for pen not schyte,

Submerge so deep till I drown the burnings of ego,

May I hear chirps and rustles,

May hatred and angusihpass unheard,

smile in bliss

At the thought of this,

No wants or greed,

Collosal tides of hope consume worldly volcanoes,

I won’t rest for they stay dormant,

May the tides freeze them to freedom


Bye Bye Love

No talks about optimism, self -love, butterflies, yearnings and sunshine. Here, the deal is with raw pain, real fear, failure, hopelessness and injustice. There is no life without these- why throw them as obsolete..they have a purpose to sieve the greatness out of mediocrity. Cry it out. Let the hell break lose- why not “wars inside are not dependent on greed for materialism, wars inside release, unleash the woman or man you are supposed to be.

So stop hiding behind,

positive remarks and smiles of pain- and cry and hug a stranger tight. Stop being absent and confused by other’s pain.. They are feeding off of your..Cry, if you have to..be scared…be pessimsitic…be crass and then love when you can…But profess love when its pure… we throw word’ love’ to too often, we feel it too rarely


broken airplane plane old
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Bye Bye Love,

You are infested by mediocrity,

You are dampened by responsibilties,

Empty are the lengths and breadth of promises,

You don’t exist without a dream,

yet  you crush with your ego’s vindictiveness,

You don’t have any gallant,

Come shamelessly, claim your vacant presence,


Bye Bye love,

You have no chivalry,

You can’t give without a bargain of receiving,

You borrow pieces from other love,

It’s an abstract of senseless mess,

Bye Bye love,

You lost the magnanimity of suprises,

Lost tombs of hopes

That could have sprung the fountain of youth, love and grandeur,

Now, you bring them??

They are poisoned with contempt

Now, the skeleton of dead love walks around,

and ticks to do list of robotic gesture,

Nothing is great, nothing worse,

It’s a flat line,

It’s suffocates

Purpose pinches hard,

Wasted a life,

Bye bye love,

You are addictive,

You grew up too late,

You missed the train,

You are buried here under expectations,

You are buried under cowardice,

You taste the fury and burn,

But love – you never come out like a phoenix,


The effortless powers devoured your own life

You are the master of your own ruin,

In the sweetness of your  tone,

Bid love adios,


Bye bye love,

Shine with integrity for free on a newly wed and newly met,

Give them all your  brightness and smiles,

Give them awakened moonlit nights

and long beach walks,

thoughts, suprises and smiles…

Go live with them,

Fill the space between them with grandeur

Adventures and sweet gestures,

Fill the hearts with song,

Don’t illude, give them hope,

Go live with them

Some doors are slammed shut,

Don’t knock on those,

Goodbye love





Coral reef and Consumerism



macro photography of bubble coral
Photo by Egor Kamelev on Pexels.com

Dear conscious being and lovers of writing,

I find myself constantly evolving with reading all your blog and attempting to write and experiment with all that needs a loud thump and voice. All that we come across, think about and never pen down.

So here it goes. It is october 2018. I am grateful for each day the sun shines and it was warm day worth being gratful for. At night, I am planning purchases to decorate a  new house and indulging online, tempting myself with a new wadrobe for festivities. Then, I come across a documentary on coral reef and how it is ‘bleaching’ and dying. Such is the contradiction in activities. My conscious mind is engaged in understanding aftermaths of a want based living. There is helplessness, depressive angst at how in matter of couple of year with collective increase in consumerism, there is a effect and a price that we are to pay and yet the lower mind is still on the phone -browsing. It took some active effort to stop the online browsing and feeding the want to constantly accquire and stop the voice that I have so strongly found that says I deserve it, I want it. It is almost convincing me that I need it to feel a certain way.  That is one october  night, one day and I wonder how much effort it is required to appeal to the higher self to take over and not pay heed to the man made efforts to constantly keep you acquiring.

There are many october nights to plan ahead- to ignore the false call of want and to break out of circle based on needs and want. Intellectually, It is easier to understand a deep void one is trying to fill. But each step in direction of altruism is heavy. Yet, awareness is a start. There are many october nights to plan and action. I cannot forgo personal responsibility of carbon footprint and waste. I own it with a heavy heart but I own it with loving kindness and a prayer for consciousness to seep in and stop us in the tract – when we are only focus on serving self. Let this journey be about ‘we’ in wellness not ‘I’ and illness.

May this blog be an affirmation and manifestation that our future generations can witness the grandeur of coral reefs. May they enjoy their odd october warm days atleast and may we not unconsciously take it away from us. May we have the courage to walk even a single step in direction of alternative energy, vegetarianism and observant of our carbon footprint.  May we extend a huge hug to Mother Earth for all that is provided to us in form of one less trip to the mall rather a walk to the beach.

May I visit this blog with a awakened smile of contentment at tiny step of change.

Please write your thoughts on coal reef and consumerism.