The waiting

Baaz- umr, Takte Takte, Rihah huye, Sulagte haste, Bhor, subah, shaam, Waqt ke dher, Sarakte Sarakte, Qaid, mushtek, Baraste- haste, Baaz-e-umr Most of lifetime, I stared at time, I waited, When freedom came, I had burned myself yet I had a smile, Dawn, morning and dusk, Mildews of time, They kept slipping away, I am... Continue Reading →

I burned the bridge

  I burned the bridge, For it led to the known station, It leads me to containment, It reassures and but it doesn't satiates, I still wanna walk a mile astray,   I burned the bridge, It keeps me quiet, It pacifies well. The revolution inside,   I burned the bridge, It's too comfortable, obstructing... Continue Reading →


"I have been circling for a thousand years"- Rilke It's not the bread Or the soup, I can't count it, It's never one or four, It's not the pot, Nor the grains in it, It's doesn't serve the mind, Nor exclusive to one soul, It's somewhere around the edge, In an unfilled left place, Should... Continue Reading →


This transformation is picking every shrouds of sensitivity out of bones. Ruthless and rude Is it me, There's no moment to ask, where's the celebration for it, There's no moment for it, Is there no right to ask, The transformation is the price, There's a price to pay There are gifts but gifts without whistles... Continue Reading →

Hey you, my friend

Hey you, my friend, Let's lift this trend, Let's raise your spirits high, I have conquered shame, I have conquered shame, But yours is pulling mine, It's pulling and thrusting, Trying to come back; This gift of god, You wash it off, The once glistening skin has parched, It wanted love, you wanted to part,... Continue Reading →

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