Oh!! Dusky one

Your eyes gleam with kindness and wisdom, and yet you, paint and paint, The exterior in colours whose shades cover the brilliance of your own, The pores of skin scream with the act of cruel disownment, The self sighs and there somewhere, you hide, amongst it all, You dim the day and you dim the... Continue Reading →

15th Fall

Photo by Victor Freitas on Pexels.com[/caption] It was a dusky warm evening, 14 falls ago... the kind that surges bliss. Hope seeped inside and swelled inside her. She walked believing that oblivion is strangely beautiful. He held the reins. She held the space between them. Burnt and scared, he didn't let go of the reins.... Continue Reading →

Eastern mind

It accepts it all with a subtle glow of warmth, Bend with gives and blessings, It's not pompous to claim to know, Oh!! But it does, Like telepathy between lover, Every moon rise, Every number, Each flight of bird, All innate objects speaks; And yet the silence grows deep, Universe of signs, Asks them to... Continue Reading →


My experience with my own Truth and spirituality has always led me to believe that what I was seeking couldn't be seeked with ambition. The element to let go and let it take you with it, to trust it means letting go of your 'egoic expectation of abilites.' and flow with that I called in.... Continue Reading →


" Humans alike bird recognize the virtue of experiences Landscapes, smell of air, smiles,eye contact, styles of niche creation, the color of aspirations as versatile as the colour of doors- synchronised or mismatched. Its the seeking to love but first to understand. Sure, it started somewhere with quest of power (Alexander) or SpiceTraders.  Man is... Continue Reading →

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