The shadow of collosal form,

It hides in me,

Me- torn in between,

To love with all of me,


Keep this primordial being to me,

Esteemed, I feel in its presence,

In love, can I sustain the absence?

In mutuality, do I bury it under paved brick wall of laughter,

Do I stand with me, without my shadows,

This confounding creature, to them, I be,

To lose it pains like arms cut out,

To gain it, suffering if over burdened cloud,

I live through life,

With droplets of my stoic assumptions,

But, where’s the equanimity?

Who are we?

Without primordial shadow of our ego,

Who are we?

If we let ourself free,

Branch without a tree…

Would we ever be free?

-Rupika Moitra

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