Hey you, my friend

Hey you, my friend,

Let’s lift this trend,

Let’s raise your spirits high,

I have conquered shame,

I have conquered shame,

But yours is pulling mine,

It’s pulling and thrusting,

Trying to come back;

This gift of god,

You wash it off,

The once glistening skin has parched,

It wanted love, you wanted to part,

For you believed in farce,

Dark and Tan,

Fair and pale,

What’s your part?

You were gifted it,

Or rather loaned,

Now the question looms,

What will you do with it?

Will it define you?

Or will you define it?

Hey you, my friend,

Let’s pick up stride,

Let’s find the pride,

Let me see you shine,

Let self love that emanates through us,

Reach those who are deprived,

Hey you, my friend,

Smile and strive and look beyond hateful eyes,

Transmute that shame,

To forever remain gifted to remiss mouths and crass eyes;

Hey you, my friend,

Let’s meet again,

This time;

Long strides, head held high,

Singing a tune,

Glowing in self- assured light,

For no one else ‘defines”………

– Rupika Moitra

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