Wrapped by the universe

Call out and see

In the moment that caves you

When scratches wound you,

And you enter the deep sea of unloved bit,

Where skills, intent and love are not equally divided

Where fight and flight is always invited

I am sinking fast and deep

All is spinning

Sweeping the peace

I asked me, I asked them and still I spin

I asked again, who brought me here?


Again at 4 a.m.

I woke up from the spin in sea,

Into a blanket feather light,

Thick was this love raft,

Nor fast or slow

Wrapped by you,

I am at ease

A deep sense of peace

The turmoils can’t reach

Here, a warmth of glow

Here, an expansiveness

I spread out and smiled

May I stay here for the night?

But we must flow

I carry the warmth

And the glow

And imagine going through life

Wrapped by you

– Rupika Moitra

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