This chase of love

This game of twos

Has no assurances

Separated by needs of each

No two reached the peak together at the same time

Destined moves towards aligned then attuned then peaks join

External sources laugh, a sly smile

Time zones collides

I can give, I have known it all my life

I can receive, when I expect it the least

But when I can’t move past my needs

It can choose to forfeit

When all else is quite

It confounds by listening to my heartbeat

Far too long,

I have been starting at it

I have been fixated outside

It can make me wait for life

All along, a reliable one is quietly waiting to be asked

She needs strength, I need to call upon her often

She is always good at giving,

The one, The only that assures me

How valuable is ‘I’

I stop all games outside

Until I can remember her eternal address

She lives inside

– Rupika Moitra

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