Seeking The Subtle

Seeked the Ether before? Or stumbled on the juice accidentally. Let’s make a promise to the new moon to be present and ready. It will pass us this cycle, let’s wait in stillness

It takes a while

It takes a while to forgo the dichotomy of good vs bad. Embrace each bit and show it light. Make a choice. Discernment in Self awareness is a choice. Make friends with the shadow and light will come find. You will falter because you are alive.

I burned the bridge

  I burned the bridge, For it led to the known station, It leads me to containment, It reassures and but it doesn't satiates, I still wanna walk a mile astray,   I burned the bridge, It keeps me quiet, It pacifies well. The revolution inside,   I burned the bridge, It's too comfortable, obstructing... Continue Reading →

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