It takes a while

#Godself #embracingshadows

It takes a while,

To take it all in,

The shape, the angles,

the cravings, the patterns, the pain of living,

The changes of body and time,

Many times, it would shatter,

What you know, how and why;

First comes cognisance of mass,

then comes the space and time,

Don’t let it astray from where to find?

Buried deep down,

Underneath the defines, the set moulds, the needs,

Is that which is alive;

Quietly simmering inside,

Waiting to burst open,

As vast as miles of skies,

Call light to touch every part,

Of needs, wants, assumed sins, pleasures,

Remembrance they are of your redemption,

Go Deep in trench and high up on high horses,

Pure and powerful,

Play with the dark and the divine alike,

How can you tell when preventing the shadows is all that living suffice?

Let it breath,

Show it light,

Then make a choice,

I Promise, you will still find you bright,

Be patient, be brave,

Try not to hide,

And try some bits of wild,

And lovingly remind,

It takes a while,

Open your falls then make note of your rise

You must have heard somewhere,

Now, hear it again,

You seek self,

Then you shall find….

– rupika moitra

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