I am still learning,

Wisdom from a 7- year old,

Love and pleasing from a 5,

I am still learning to be me,

To hold my hand and walk me up to a stranger,

Kindness eludes me when faced with discomfort,

I am still learning,

Perspectives could me many,

Truth could be hiding in middles of those,

I am still learning,

That your smile is not mocking,

It’s as scared as mine,

Hiding scar of hurt and burns,

Deceit, defeat, still we soldier toward

The shifting goal post,

Scared to love, scared to let go of defences,

I am still learning,

To hold a praise,

To carry it – with grace,

I still welcome the green eyed snake,

I am still learning,

To do what’s right,

I know of things,

Strange things, obsolete ones,

Yet, I still learn…

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