I am Brown

I try to look away I try holding on to warmth Open the taps of wrath Isn’t there enough already Why Compounding that divisive odd


Act of self love is carving the demeanour in the care that one craves Rupika Moitra Tools of uplifting :Proteas and lavender essence candles #aliveinsenses

Stir the lot

Ring around a Rosie Wannabes and Weirdos Clones and clowns We seek the same effervescence Aiming the same confluence But for different reasons Fruits of differing seasons Personally, the one in for laughs The one with eccentric spark I will reach out first For the clues The one that seeks the token of praise Patterns... Continue Reading →

Treasure Hunt

Meditations from my sessions: •Our dissociative tendencies help us survive. “I am not taking strangers to my cave and showing them what I can’t face.” Yet the counsellor will only matter if he/ she have visited their own caves Up until the walk starts - It’s tendencies and intent •Skills comes after towards the integration phase. What really matters is you, the vulnerabilities, and you finding your way in and out of your cave -Rupika Moitra

Sweeping Rug of Hope

Playing with parts that loves puppy love I dusted the sweeping rug, On a full moon day, Remnants of puppy love, Slipped out like a feral stray, Neglected yet magic borne, Innocence glimmered His eyes still shines with hope’s gold, I kept him there, So he would forget, We would loose the scope, I lost... Continue Reading →

Another one in Cave

The voices in cave echoes I was strolling in memory lane It swooped me and carried me to this dark cave Mountains of red grave, It’s alley after alley of compressed voices Silent shrieks of ‘can’t’ ‘won’t’ ‘shouldn’t’ Chains of pain ropewalk have been forcefully cut before This cold, sinister place I have lost but... Continue Reading →


Stretched this cup, Wiser the holder, Lesser the rub, Bring out the cup, Pour in it, Pour from it, When no one is watching, Lift it up at the sky, Let it collect droplets of hopes, When it will pour, Ready the cup, Empty it of past, Open up And let it rain - Rupika... Continue Reading →

Cave of psyche

Cave of psyche From the cave, Came up Untimely irrational pain, There’s a party tonight, Now, just now, It demands my attention, It pinch and jabbed, It sat me down, I can’t look the other way, It starts to frown then growl, Then roar, then pound It needs a promise, It needs a day, When... Continue Reading →

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