Circle of injustice and Anger

Five years ago, I watched in disgust and pain, an incident all over media about the rape of this young woman by a group of men. She fought till her last breath. The incident was grave enough to send shivers through the distant of hearts. It outraged the world, it outraged the men and women alike. All hoped for change. Change in laws and change in social construct, mental makeup of a society plaqued with patriarchy. I felt a sharp jolt every time the incident was talked about and enraged as I watched lawyers of culprits justifying the act.

5 years since and many such cases over, I notice a certain desensitised part of self that wants to run away..want to avoid at any cost. I don’t understand the inconclusive outrage, the protest anymore that doesn’t change a thing. I don’t understand the request to stone the men responsible to death.

I don’t understand the statement of “I am what I am” by girls coz if you have to say it aloud- then you are not really ok.. it still bothers what is thought of you. Authentic Acceptance of self come from guess who… self.

To me, those men represent a group of hyenas, really who traced a vulnerable cub, a victim. Their conscience is curved by their hunger of power. They are still the part of jungle full of animal instinct.

But, our egoic satisfaction through self-righteousness, I don’t understand and hoping actions of eye for an eye, wanting to propagate relentless fear… how does that change a society. Members just get good at hiding. Criminality is not something to be killed. It has to be fixed at the core like a disease. Punishment should be realisation of crime not vengeance.

Someone should ask them of their moronic motivation of a underdeveloped mind. Ask them why they have some to hate humanity to extend to shred it at it soul.

I am not there yet myself to forgive but I don’t wish them shameful deaths because I can’t objectify my own instinct to see someone killed.

Conniving destructive deeds and anger outburst. Where does it lead us? How many times? Social justice should begin from self. Killing hyenas wouldn’t stop scavenging.

Be the change…compel the world to change the channel to promote kindness..don’t push bad part to the naughty corner so deep that they creep up on you. How do we question that anger within, if we do ?

If it leads somewhere .. go ahead… if it doesn’t … make the change.. don’t be the ostrich and under the same sheet of sand.

The sheet of hatred.

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