Finding self through boundaries


The week after Easter…Did anyone see the moon on saturday? I wonder about the sense of wonder that enhances after 30’s and takes your breath away as though you are a reborn child.

The break gave me moments to reflect about my struggles with boundaries of self and others. I endeavour to build some, around those streching that hand- not for really reaching out but to pat their egoic shoulder attached to that claims ‘I know’.

I want to shut out – the words carelessly thrown around as advice in a self-righteous tone. I see my weak boundaries crumple…I accept..I am so disenchanted. I am afraid someday, I might refuse to open to the one with purity.

Another part of self wants to find you – You under that shell, rightly placed. Under the civil, eye-wash conversation, lie that voice which is reaching out. Too scared to ask, coz ‘there is nothing wrong with me’- it says. I want to say- Yes, there isn’t.

Broken-we all are..

Lost, we all have been..

who is the saint?

Let in, someone carve a small window, where the iron door is shut tight and let’s share- ‘Where?We feel we sinned.’

Let me show you my wounds, they don’t hurt anymore but maybe, my flutters can assure you of your Glide. Then, we can take a flight together.

I was so tired once  sitiing behind closed door, waiting  for one who could make me hear my voice. I am tired now of making these walls, they crumple so easily. How does one love with such disdain inside?

Rupika Moitra

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