was this ‘GOLDEN PEACOCK’,

It’s innocence was held safely in lock and key,

It danced away,

Rain or no Rain,

To erase every wrinkle of worry,

It danced till dawn turns dusk,

It danced till all that was gathered lost its musk,

Every smile added to its golden crust,

Swelled feet, heavy-winged,

It returned each night,

Never winged,

Never cried,

For  how hard it tried;

Everyday the gathered , Gazed,

The peacock danced away for Praise,

The gold poured from the Skies,

Burdened, yet it surrendered to one up high,

One day, the air felt heavy,

Assumptions flayed minds,

The peacock danced hard to bring about smiles,

Pelted with stones, this time;

The gold on you, is our own,

They say, you dance to distract,

So you can -Extract

Injured, heart-broken, the peacock hides,

Cries for days, it couldn’t bring about smiles,

It still surrendered to the golden crust,

But asks, WHY??

In answer, It hears only rain,

Can’t stop the feet at the sound of thunder,

It dances again, to wash away its burden,


Golden Peacock dances only when destined,

When valued,

The gold of its skin shines in presence of blessed,

Praised or Unseen,

Only eyes meant for it- BEAMS;

It brushes away it’s care for praise,

Exchanged  for worth, prayers,

Clarity not Haze………

Rupika Moitra

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