Bye Bye Love

No talks about optimism, self -love, butterflies, yearnings and sunshine. Here, the deal is with raw pain, real fear, failure, hopelessness and injustice. There is no life without these- why throw them as obsolete..they have a purpose to sieve the greatness out of mediocrity. Cry it out. Let the hell break lose- why not “wars inside are not dependent on greed for materialism, wars inside release, unleash the woman or man you are supposed to be.

So stop hiding behind, positive remarks and smiles of pain- and cry and hug a stranger tight. Stop being absent and confused by other’s pain.. They are feeding off of yours. Cry, if you have scared…be pessimsitic…be crass and then love when you can…But profess love when its pure… we throw word’ love’ to too often, we feel it too rarely


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Bye Bye Love,

You are infested by mediocrity,

You are dampened by responsibilties,

Empty are the lengths and breadth of promises,

You don’t exist without a dream,

yet  you crush with your ego’s vindictiveness,

You don’t have any gallant,

Come shamelessly, claim your vacant presence,


Bye Bye love,

You have no chivalry,

You can’t give without a bargain of receiving,

You borrow pieces from other love,

It’s an abstract of senseless mess,

Bye Bye love,

You lost the magnanimity of suprises,

Lost tombs of hopes

That could have sprung the fountain of youth, love and grandeur,

Now, you bring them??

They are poisoned with contempt

Now, the skeleton of dead love walks around,

and ticks to do list of robotic gesture,

Nothing is great, nothing worse,

It’s a flat line,

It’s suffocates

Purpose pinches hard,

Wasted a life,

Bye bye love,

You are addictive,

You grew up too late,

You missed the train,

You are buried here under expectations,

You are buried under cowardice,

You taste the fury and burn,

But love – you never come out like a phoenix,


The effortless powers devoured your own life

You are the master of your own ruin,

In the sweetness of your  tone,

Bid love adios,


Bye bye love,

Shine with integrity for free on a newly wed and newly met,

Give them all your  brightness and smiles,

Give them awakened moonlit nights

and long beach walks,

thoughts, suprises and smiles…

Go live with them,

Fill the space between them with grandeur

Adventures and sweet gestures,

Fill the hearts with song,

Don’t illude, give them hope,

Go live with them

Some doors are slammed shut,

Don’t knock on those,

Goodbye love





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