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One of Life's question for me is : Why do I see, how I see it? 

The crazy or the wise ponder deeply on aspects that many must have thought before but if it nudges you to think deeply, some of us listen.

So the question is : Why do artists and creative overdose?

Chemically, a external substance can either make the mind calmer or activate parts of it like hallucinogenic aspects and activate it. So you either need a depressant to calm an overactive, anxious mind worried or you need a stimulant to enjoy life.

Every worker has an expectations of joy and peace at the end of his job. the job in itself is divine work. Artist are blessed abundantly sometimes with love for their work and then comes the hard part. IF I struggle with self worth to feel the love that I am receiving and worry that I will lose this love? Self worth is the container that holds the love and fills you up

I think the artist knows very soon that they are the medium to transport something great into the world and thus the focus diverted on them can focus of aspects which are ordinary. The notion of being special is where the gap lies. A concoction of huge gift of talent, synchronicity, courage and destiny came together and the artist tapped it. His mind swayed and heart swayed and he caught the wind and started flying and humming and then he started to glide. He sang and danced and wrote and painted until the pool was emptied. He sold his gift for currency and his time. The currency could buy him bags, shoes and electronic- every comfort but couldn’t fill the soul

Was it worth? The car, the plane, the shoe for part of your soul that you can’t replenish or acquire again?

Or at the end of endless list, the tunnel will still show the light and offer multitude of choices?

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