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As a part of a race loaded with knowledge, comfort, constantly growing list of objects of desire to acquire and exposure : I question what further development for human race looks like socially.

After moving from the ages of industrial revolution, what stabilised was population mainly but steady societies constantly need doer, forward thinkers and givers.

Those who can invest their energy, effort, love, thought, support to manifest best results for the race.

The #UNGA summits indicated how many of us: worry and aspire for an ideal society. They all understand the term : sustainability and urges the world to walk there. In our own houses, the environments we control, practice of contentment can stimulate sustainability.

Are we willing to take small steps towards contentment ?

In an ideal society, knowledge has an crucial part to clarify difference of greed and abundance. Insatiability can only opened doors for redemption for self and all: when it is of knowledge and skill. Anything other than is like being a mad cow on the loose. This is a reminder to self to know what matters.

Love come to those who can distribute love freely. Considered conditions of respect is an absolute yes but importance : you have to earn it. If that’s important to soul development. No one can hand that.

Everything we acquire, do, want is set in us wanting to feel loved. Our suffering is our own perceptions of things. Things are things. What they make you feel is what you want them to make you feel. Sometime they do the opposite when you have spiders in closets and cobwebs to be cleaned.

I hope we have passed on as much kindness as we have created need, so we reflect on our gives and takes. The goal here is clear : More give, less take.

We are abundant, that’s why. We are sufficed.

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