Prayers for Decade2020

TRUTHOFExperience is the TruthofExistence

38 years on Earth have taught great lessons and brought unimaginable gifts. For the next 10, we are naturally inclined to pray, set intentions, reflect at the profound truths that have revealed themselves and thank the many mysterious doors of wisdom.

One of the most profound one is that we are the sum total of all the souls that comes in contact. Our ascension is based on theirs.

Our emotional health is connected with their. Feelings are lucid, abilities are lucid passed on from ancestors

Ancestors speak to us in dreams, in life through signs. They guide us if we listen. We increase their power to transmit as we receive without quest to know the source

The source we are not ready to perceive but so want to dissect and understand

As atom conjoint together… leave some of their qualities when they combine to become a completely different compound.. similarly we change as we come in contact. Who we are : A outsider can guess by who we are surrounded by.

We can strive and change what surrounds us but more holistically we can change together (often slow) and not leave them behind. We can lift ourselves and come back and lift those who can’t. We are the sum total

Proof is not in the pudding but in the belief of the maker, the karma of the maker. The proof is maya ( illusion) when you transcend, the proof is immaterial, just a consequence

As a sum total then, wish to raise all those that surround you. The container of the mind is useless to make you work and fulfil the karmas of this life. Ego is important for fulfilment of purpose of life but more than often it plays the “better than you” game… the game of strive.

We thrive as a being: together.

May we raise each other. May we ascend to our true nature

May we thank the ego to bring forth our strength. May we not used it against ourself by pitching our uniqueness against the uniqueness of other

May we be blessed with a vision of “observing the good” looking for the good in situations and people

May we find our power to empower.

May our words, actions, believes and results be congruent

May we nurture and give back to Earth as it continues to give

Rupika Moitra

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