Questions for 2020

Whirlwind of questions shifts the contents of mind and leaves me to pick the pieces and rearrange and clear the ones that don’t serve anymore

Why do we feel low after a nap in the afternoon? Has anyone else experienced that?

What has lunar got to do with lunatics? Why are our emotions going through upheaval during moon cycles? Is moon the mind as it is in Vedic astrology??

Is it true, we are more open to the subconscious portal during full moon: sensitive ones tap into the pain of collective human consciousness unknowingly

It is also the time where practice ones: use the open portal to manifest to lift themselves so they can come back and raise

So many questions, on my mind? Who can tell? I want to open the door to those that are perplexing and let it breath and for the answers to affirm or negate ‘what I think, I know.’

– Rupika Moitra

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