Sit with pain. Sit with darkness. Appreciate love

Counsellor says;

You are a gift, dear pain;

You push and pull and tug deep,

You torment and agitate till

We walk our talk

We be where we are meant to be

You catch us unaware,

Sometimes, you fill the spaces we reserved for love

And you show us

How much we love

Counsellor says

Can you come to me

Pour into me from those who you torment

So I can bathe in profoundness

Let me ease the hold of their life

So they can unburden

And I can unlearn

The insensitivities I have procured from survival

You create the need for gift of clarity

In darkness

Dear darkness,

You are a gift

Let me embrace

And share

And walk with my versions of counsciousness

Gift of relieve and reprise is my gift

And as they pour into my treasure

Of compassion

Of finding me in them

Let me fill my treasures

Let them keep pouring

So some can relive;

Relieve, Receive

Rewind, rewire,

And find you, dear love

May They find you so complete

In knowing “you can’t be taken“

Counsellor dances experiencing it together

What a privilege

What a gift, they hear her say

To be with you

Sacred… is all the counsellor could say

Then she listens intently

And the University of life nods away

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