Self esteem like house of cards

Your self esteem is like house of cards, sensitive people

They will stand on the corner

And amuse themselves

As you built it up

They will let you play with it, a little

And a add a layer

Or two

Are you feeling pretty steady now?

Getting good at building yourself…huh!

Ok now then, this is getting really interesting,

“Let me blow my gentlest blow”

Like a kid blowing on a dandelion

Just for some fun

So easily, it all comes tumbling down

Unless scattering away and finding new domain

Was the goal, all along

Washed away and stepped over

sensitive people

You company requires special tickets

Tucked away

You are the best kept secret

Let’s make friends with THE AIR,

Air of self- righteous tick boxes

Don’t make enemies out of them either,

Just wave and let them pass

– rupika moitra

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