Tantrums of inner child

Wish like an inner child , be like wise old being…really here to give. For what is yours is seeking you

Inner child throws a tantrum,

It holds joy as bait,

It withholds love,

Even peace, it forsakes,

It dips its feet in misery,

For someone to notice,

An extrinsic compassion delivery,

Until it does it so often,

It sinks deep and can’t get out,

All for what;

That which the ego craves,

Self serving, Self- preserving nourishment

The child thinks it’s hidden in some other being’s cave,

Meanwhile the being inside cries,

For pence of toys,

You threw away joy,

For pretence of vain,

You distribute pain,

Circle of tantrums have many friends,

It passes from child to child;

Circulating sorrow,

Now only if the wise old being

Move around from child to child,

Like a Guiding light,

And stops it from entering the cave,

Only if, man stays open without tantrums,

Plays with joy,

Drinks with pain,

Reach for toys,

Smile at his vain,

But all this while,

Reminds itself to stay focused,

And never trade joy,

Commit to freeing the ‘being’

Knownness of the goal: Freedom from it all….

– Rupika Moitra

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