I, once met this poetic counsellor

Here’s what she said to me😉

“There’s a utopian place in your mind,
Where collectivism and individual boundaries can cordially reside,
You come close to that space,
When your thoughts emotions behaviour align,
Or else keep waiting for someone outside to redecorate current design,
Choice of change,
Choice of not feeling right,
Deepen that breathing,
Yup, Mirages of mixed up perspectives, you will find,
Crazy, this is,
Sorting self,
You are right,
Yet, if you still want to believe,
Start by finding
a small crevice,
Maybe minuscule in size,
It still believes in healing self,
Search up an utopian value that is rare to find,
Live by it,
Hold onto it,
Don’t let it stray,
Tougher as they make the ride,
Don’t trade that utopia piece for impulses,
We got to complete this puzzle,
Collectively resolved this riddle,
I am trying with you,
We both know,
It’s starts with you…”

Therapeutic support, looks like this

Now, my homework is to figure out what in the world is she talking about? How is it connected to my anxiety? Can someone help me decode it?

– Rupika Moitra🙏🏽

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