Canopy of Stars

I hold my arm,

I uttered jumpstart,

Its been too long,

Feeling stuck in the past,

There’s no one to call,

Its a free fall,

You will catch you,

Tender silver beneath us all,

Moon shed it out evenly,

Earlier today,

When it danced over the sea splendidly,

I am doing this alone,

I will be too cold,

Your fluid warmth will hold,

Now open that midnight coloured jar,

The one where wishes are stored,

I heard they took your example,

Today and here,

They too feel free,

They too want to fall,

They trust you will use them,

Wish upon them all,

This canopy of stars,

They waited with subliminal patience,

For you to realise the power,

They are ready to mirror,

Today and here,

Now, lie on your silver,

Begins meteorite shower....

They waited with subliminal patience

– Rupika Moitra

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