Cave of psyche

Cave of psyche

From the cave,

Came up Untimely irrational pain,

There’s a party tonight,

Now, just now,

It demands my attention,

It pinch and jabbed,

It sat me down,

I can’t look the other way,

It starts to frown then growl,

Then roar, then pound

It needs a promise,

It needs a day,

When it’s purpose is applied,

Terms of conditions,

It’s needs its intention understood,

No avoidance, no pushing it down

It wants light to come, it wants to play

Dark it needs to be,

It can rest,

I can’t get rid of it,

Unless I play the perfect host,

I ask how it’s been, where it lives,

What it does, why now it comes up,

Unannounced Preacher,

It doesn’t like the names I call it,

Perhaps I should call it ‘grey’…

– rupika moitra

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