Self filling

This yearn to fill

To be whole

It takes me to places

Often sinister

Accidentally divine

With tactile efforts, I connect to one or ten

Maybe hundred

With fluid flow of mind

I enter an orb of intangibles

I reach all at the same time

It’s an endless space

Filled with ideas and rhyme

Yet serene and empty of chase

Yet I insist on connections tactile

Limbs come close

I choose feet to shrine

Or hands that shape a clay

Imagining, joy of those who drink from it

Hollow space stretches presence

The formless and form

They want to hold on

I have reached many times for the need’s end goal

Always found needing more and more

When the need curbed to moment’s dive

The depth, I experienced was the price

Connect with one


connect with divine

Seeking is enough

Self Filling was the answer to the puzzle

We seek the reminder, again in time

One day it will etch in grooves

‘Getting’ was never the beginning of the rhyme…

– rupika moitra

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