Don’t let the smirk hurt you more, tell it to come back for the fireworks later instead

The world seems to smirk

When one is in pain

We drag some through the mud to help them feel its bane

Really, it’s a cry to share the load

Can’t bury all this burning coal

Churning of hell fire within

If it could, it would burn the skin

Screams with itchy, watery eyes

Present coloured in soot, smoke and ashes

Who can carry?

Whose bucket is so big to hold others volcanoes?

Try hiding, some feisty ember revolts

Once it lets out

One can’t close the door

Triggers dances in eyes of those who know of this pain

Safe burial places?

Can’t give them away,

Can’t exchange,

Own boulders of karma,

Stoop the shoulder

crushing us under its weight

I Kneel after struggling

I allowed space


It feels

After no running

No adding, no pouring

Allow it a green healing space

Make them ‘fireworks of hope’

Let the town come for it

So those felt smirks can change into laughter at splendour and display

– Rupika Moitra

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