Plain old artistic doodle

Someone tied the artist’s mind

And trapped it inside egoic marketplace

The ego’s orb allowed circling only around worldly shifting goalpost.

The artist hid and doodled dreams of fantastical accomplishments

OF finishing the story that continues to grow

Still fantasising of those swirly ‘times of flow’

This artist that had touched the ether

Lingering remembrance of its taste

Artist grinds it down to digestible portions

Pulling it down manufacturing plane

Ether burns and dries in the fiery field of ambitions

It loses itself in drill of mundane

So who is holding the measuring flask?

Neither the artist, nor the soul

Or The world that is still catching up

Still the artist emptying its being

Exchanging all subtle enormities with puny gross

So doodle away artist,

sustains the feeling mind of collective soul

The puzzle has too many fixed parts

It need its vibrational missing piece

Release the ether,

Create blatantly those doodling slice

Get far away from the gravity field of your ego‘s orb

-Rupika Moitra

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