We binge eat love

Binge drink away from strive

Binge watch to distract from love

Try to experience vicariously

We binge shop praise

Binge task for skill and worth

We are desperately trying to receive

Continually sensing this long overdue instalment and increment

We have tasted it somewhere

Now remembrance of it-never fades

Needy change their titles to Needed

Yet ‘ask of love’ repeatedly nags,

Mind chatters on and on about the insufficiency

Yet, If bombarded with it, we make a run

How are we to experience considerate love?

We give, we feel it, we know it lives inside and breath within us

But receiving takes precedence

If no one loved you, back in the day, in the tribe -you would die!

Our minds are still clipped, hip joint to the fantasy of receiving unbridled love

Love never gets ticked off from our ‘To Get’ list

Even when we don’t know it

Like a thirsty animal in savannah looking for a drop or walking for miles

Obsessed with it and yet

An answer awaits

Isn’t there enough?

Who isn’t pulling their weight?

Here can be enough

They say,

The solution of this era is self love

I say

Admit that it feels good to receive

And even if it won’t last

Let it come in

I also recommend self praise with opportunities of worth

A friend called nature asks no questions

Just loves,

Go to her

Quieten the mind,

Remembering of that limitless perception that collaterally binds

Win with awareness

I feel like I am getting close to solving the case

I have memories that I received in tons

I have chosen to hold on to it in every nook and crevice of my mind

It only means it seeks me with persistence

In multi-folds and countless times

Rupika Moitra

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