Extraordinarily You

If you detach and allow the world to see you, really see you – not the collected intellectual assumptions of self picked from your surroundings, your culture, the world at present, not your gathered sensory hints of self, not your perceptions formed on recycled philosophies that are redundant with change, not even your memories of self or idealistic fantasies of self- Then you can define “Success for you” You will know you are already successful, you just don’t know it yet. You are a dormant sun afraid of its own light because it’s afraid to be unique, afraid to walk around as a fantastic ball that fires all assumptions, all mass produced theories It can be scary because you can’t be anyone else but you. You can’t be the moon, the stars or the Earth because ‘you are the Sun’. You light up your own path and many others and when you join- You form rainbows. Is that enough for you? Is that worth discovering? If you did, you would light up anything you touch after a dark ride in alleys of unawareness of self. So detach from ideas and walk once saying ‘This is not me’ The principle of Negation is a lived source of finding that which is ‘Extraordinarily you’ At least, you can exit the planet saying I am not a cliche’

Rupika Moitra

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