Treehouse of Self

Imagine you are in a treehouse called Higherself,

Both present and future self live together

Both considerate and kind roommates

Both affirm actions to confirm they align

Easily harmonise

Keen to synchronise

Present feels amazing when it acts in good faith for the future self.

Looking at future, present wants to takes a walk, write in journal, find ways to add coins to the Future’s strength jar

The future looks and thinks ‘I am proud to be made of you’

I thank you ‘You keep going’

They reach for a higher shelf in the treehouse called Evolving

Every kindness adds in as a step

Every step makes reaching it, graspable.

It’s fun to be there in a tree house

They abandon only momentarily when guests like past comes

But they come back to their superpower

They know each other’s need well

The present need assurances and love to keep going

The future needs the strength jar and togetherness

In the treehouse, they hide secrets to actualise self

Rupika Moitra

Read some worth notes to the future self,
save some coins of nurturing and discipline in the strength jar

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