Housekeeping of Relationship

I washed my breathing quilt

It soiled and creased with karmic debts, baggages and expectations

It started reflecting insatiable lines of my unhealed bits

Shrinking in-spite of legion of tugs

It asked to be air dried in its own space

Believing, it’s enough

I almost thought about letting it be

And buying a new one

I can collect them all

But which one will never crease?

So I tried housekeeping

Ironing each with empowered hands

And still there were some creases left

But my empowered self is handy now

Alive this quilt

For it, taught me that acquiring has momentum

Sustenance needs patience and effort

Discarding is carried out in space of discouraged and hurt

So when I next acquire

I will ask about the mileage of my momentum

How many inner creases can I smoothen again?


Unhealed bits, is there a perfect hiding quilt that will suffice ?

Rupika Moitra

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