Future of Luxurious Giving


There are dresses to twirl in

Gardens to picnic in

Feast to relish with friends

Yatch rides till sun down

Rare gems to adorn self

Beauty to be exuded

Warmth to behold for children you carry in your soul

Laughter of friends filling the air

Healing to be felt

Inner child to be quenched

Endorphin lakes to swim in

Exquisite animals to conserve

Trees to be hugged

Wisdom to be absorbed

From green epidermis,

Trunk pores they disperse

Forests to be saved

Empire of healers to be built

Poems to be composed

Reminiscing of old tunes

that mended moods and hearts like pro

Words to be written that exist to nourish souls

New kind of kindness to develop

That fixes the scraped and the scraper

Miracles of technology to be admired

Inner fire to burn with admiration

From experiencing endurance of humans

An expansive hill pass of time

Let me plant some blooms here

To enjoy on the way back

For now

I simmer with new hopes

Filling tired shoes with gumption

Willingness to expand

Will to carry on

Brand new flow explains a lot

I have healed a lot

I live lungs full lungs filled

Enough has filled in all senses

I am not alone on this uphill walk

mobile memorabilia calls upon gratitude

It rushes in

It’s been here several time

It subconsciously knows the heart routes

Along is Desire

I had forgotten how it kept me up

If I am still

I see lurking mysteriously few steps behind


The project through open eyes


May I leave knowing

I remember most smiling

I smiled at them


I am inching ever closer to you

Hurling closer with almost centrifugal force to your curved lanes

Close enough

I let you go

Trusting the quality of pure intent

Adding submission to flow

See you merge

Converging all paths

That leads you to

enough me enough you

Coming back covered in self discovery

I cleared a magical opening

Left carved rocks with

Some Rumi

Some Hafiz

Some Flutters

Some Glides

Blooms to inspire the cross from survival

Here under mystic moon

shushing cool winds

Swaying dried grass

I left a glowing ground of epiphany to return with peace filled mind

In a field of luxurious warmth

Warmth that I gave away

So freely, so abundantly

So effortlessly

If you plan a trip uphill

Stop by the pass

Bring some luxurious giving

and your openness to receive my enough

Poetry from ‘garden of enough ness’

Rupika Moitra

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