Housekeeping of Relationship

Our relationships are an entity that’s alive. We are here to not just seek them creaseless but fill them with mindful nourishment. They are here to uncover the potential of your empowered hands


What is the meaning of life? The question never disturbed the one who is in life of strive In thrive, in relaxation- you can ponder how can I apply myself Being is an art consistent ease of being is the mastered stage of accepting abundance with grace

Young Love

I suffer when I return to young love. It doesn’t know how to let go, it doesn’t know any difference of codependency and conscious self. It just knows its wants, needs, hopes and expectations. I embrace that young one in its bubble of young love and fill her with fluid mirrors that reveal its inside. To show her what she want to feel forever is really constant presence of self as gifted love Rupika Moitra

Treehouse of Self

Psychology makes it sound too hard - Self actualisation. I have a simple plan for me: one action you gravitate towards that will make future happy. No strive One action that will be cashed in future. If you treat the future self as a loved one, it will be easier to give. Give it muscle strength, richness of literature, mental awareness, gift of flow through writing, nurturing in nature. All actions to feel satisfied that you added enough in your strength jar


Love never gets ticked off from our ‘TO GET’ list. We have strong memory of receiving it. Lack is only felt because you know what abundance felt like. Missing is only known to you, if presence was experienced first. We have received before, we can summon it again... Rupika Moitra

Seeking The Subtle

Seeked the Ether before? Or stumbled on the juice accidentally. Let’s make a promise to the new moon to be present and ready. It will pass us this cycle, let’s wait in stillness

Plain old artistic doodle

Someone tied the artist’s mind And trapped it inside egoic marketplace The ego’s orb allowed circling only around worldly shifting goalpost. The artist hid and doodled dreams of fantastical accomplishments OF finishing the story that continues to grow Still fantasising of those swirly ‘times of flow’ This artist that had touched the ether Lingering remembrance... Continue Reading →


Stop the external games with self awhile. Check if you know the address of the higher self. The one that never abandons. Give her all the strength, all the love, all the power and never let go of ‘I’ Give her the valuable position of “I”


Context: Its been years of trying to keep orchids alive. Every season, we try and we decide no more after it dies. Then again charmed, we try. I just repotted my Cymbidium Orchid with prayers that it will soldier through and forgo past amateurism of feeds and watering routines. In life, what all we take... Continue Reading →

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