Long road to Bliss


Two parallel roads of life;

A road of shortcuts,

Curtailing every hurdle, negating all that’s diffcult,

Road of quick gratifications,

Quickly satiating yet quickly forgotten,

Reaching the shores,

Something seems-  left ‘Unexplored’

The long road is full of rubble, wait and struggle,

Yet, it promises, dreaminess of dreams untold,

Walking at it, I surrender to the whole;

Feeling pain and pleasure, all in my presence,

With unearthly practicality, I walk till I am worn,

No rewards, I can hold,

My cup is too small,

No fear of being fooled,

Not fooled, I am with, what seems,

Glitters never conveyed, what soul beseeched…

Knowing your wish,

Which road will I pick?

Not the road covered in jiff, with pleasure amidst,

Can’t leave lessons unravelled, for convenience of road easily travelled,

With courage and blessings, I walk where wisdom awaits,

Lessons falls on lap,

No rush to reach the gates,

Walking still, if I don’t see the end,

No glory of destination, I would sing, boast or tell,

Embracing it’s pace,

It was never a race,

I walk towards,

the bliss of eternity where endless love is a certainty;

For a journey that takes me to my ‘Home Unknown.’

…Rupika Moitraroad-sun-rays-path.jpg

Ripples in a lake

I raise the idle hand, itching to make ripples in the lake,

It pulls me, my hand, for forgotten games,

It unconciously flows,

Face-forward, it flows,

Bend, open-fingers like a bowl, it tries to hold,

Knowing that it wouldn’t hold, it flows,

Sending ripples ofย  a message to absorb me in, it flows;

Assuming a cooling bliss in me continues, it flows,

Like a damp log bed to lie on, on the warmest afternoon,

As I listen and try,

It reciprocates every sweat drop on the sould, with a dews on rose;

So do you remember, my friend,

No, I said, I forgot what worries, I held,

Before I opened the hands to flow with you,

I disturbed your sweet serenity,ย  for my childplay, and yet, you flow,

You pass me, the serenity,

together, we sing mellow,

Now which is me and which is you,

All that is,

All there is,

just flows……………



Flutter and Glide

pexels-photo-769527.jpegI charge the muscles,

I flap my wings,

I soak my lips with assurance of plentiness,

I tickle the quest to satiate purpose:

This flight….

Yes, This flight will land me!

where destinies reside,

I need to ask,

when, when, when

Is that day?

The day of my grandest flight;


I hear no answer,

Although, I do see a kite,

In hand of other,

Can’t choose its flight,

and yet it flies,

It flies, to fly;

It flutters, It glides,

It flies, to fly,

and I dream to Glide,

Of long straight strides,

Of magnificience,

of pride;

And then I remember,

The purpose taught by kite,

I try to remind often,

To honour those flutters:

as I would relish the glides……

Aimless wanders


Aim pulls the strings of stride,
Each step towards the theme,
Measured each road, counted gallops on the ride;
Gush of breeze, hurls enthusiasm in my breath,
A song of victory play hypnotic tunes,
In blood stream like fever, it’s crept,
I need to reach today,
But goals sway itself away,
Shifting goal post,
As the sun sets, my soul snatches itself away,
Listening to it waves, let it fill the calm of waves to its brim,
I had to follow the soul,
It played with sun all day,
It graciously waits to pass on its invigorating self,
So, I choose to lose myself in wander,
Effortless, the sun and sea make it seem,
I am tired from burns of passion, of knowing my destiny,
So, I walk now at soul’s pace, I emptied the bag of ambitions,
Filled it, instead with impulse and grace,
For my sense of wonder,
In synced in my success story are my pauses,
My aimless wanders…..
– Rupika Moitra